Open letter

When I look back over my life and career the word community comes to mind. As a child, it was through  my family and my home-grown community that I received the love and support to be able to live out my dreams on the tennis court. It’s through a community of fans, tennis fanatics, lovers of sports, and supporters of the Williams sisters that my career has been able to thrive and grow to the point of allowing me to inspire people around the world.

Thanks to my amazing teams at EleVen and V Starr, I am able to define myself off of the court through design and envision a better world for all through design, fitness, and wellness.

By way of our communities, we succeed, learn and grow. I am constantly pushed, challenged, and inspired by those around me. I am so grateful for all the support I have received from all my communities, sponsors, partners and friends. I’ve created this website as a way to contribute back to my community network, which has given so much to me. I’m excited to now be able to share with all of you my latest tournament schedule, appearances and events, and new product launches. Please also check out my social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for even more real-time updates. It is my daily endeavour to give back to you and the world, the sense of community and belonging that you all have given me all my life. 

Be Well,